The Mandelbrot Set Viewed through Precalculus

I’ve given this presentation in November 2014 at AMTNYS in Syracuse, and in April 2015 at NCTM in Boston. I’ll be giving the presentation in May 2015 at the NY Master Teacher Conference, and in July 2015 at Twitter Math Camp in Claremont CA.  Drive Why use the Mandelbrot fractal to get the students to […]


Fantastic. Spirograph – @GeoGebra Tube full frontal trochoid features. Maybe purges the obsession. — John Golden (@mathhombre) February 6, 2013 Questions for students: What’s with that fraction on the left side? What does that do? How do I get a graph with 7 “arms”? What is a the graph with 2 arms called? How […]

Light Limaçons and Cardioids

While putting away the bowls, I noticed some nice limaçons and cardioids made from the refraction of light. Video of the changing shape – Limaçons   For more info: